Collection: Zodax Candles & Diffusers

Zodax’s design philosophy is founded on a basic respect for nature’s ability to balance color, shape, and stimulate the senses. Each one of our items is crafted with the care, quality, and attention to detail that separates them from the competition. Zodax features a beautiful selection of candles, ceramic diffusers, reed diffusers & refills. Zodax designs elegant and unique fragrance diffusers are made of porcelain. The diffusers are designed to draw in oil from beautiful glass jars and diffuse the fragrance throughout the room. These innovative porcelain diffusers are constantly featured as top gift items.  Zodax selects botanical, epicurean, nature-inspired, or aromatherapy fragrances from the best perfumeries around the world and designs coordinating packaging to create home fragrance collections that harmonize fragrance and design.