Collection: Wax Melts & Warmers

Wax Melts & warmers are a scent enthusiasts’ way to experience true-to-life fragrance in a new, stylish, and convenient way. Wax Melts help make scent central to your day-to-day routine. Place a Wax Melt of your chosen fragrance in a warmer to create a burst of room-filling fragrance on the spot. Choose a décor-enhancing warmer to create a welcoming ambient glow. Incredibly giftable, Wax Melts & Warmers are a holiday season must-have and they’re just as enjoyable all year round. All wax melts work in any brand of warmer. Our go-to wax melt favorites are Courtney’s Candles, Aromatique, Tyler, Woodwick, Hillhouse, and Bridgewater. Lamps/Lanterns and 2-n-1 warmers are also available and compatible with any large jar candle.