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Real Time, Real Magic, Real RHYTHM by Stuart Leuthner

reprinted from article by Stuart Leuthner in Watch & Jewelry Review, July/August 2007.

Rhythm Watch Co. was established in 1950. The company developed into a world leader in the manufacturing of timekeeping products with millions of clocks and movements sold throughout the world. Since it was founded, the company has manufactured a wide range of products including automobile clocks, alarm clocks and the first quartz alarm clock movement in the world powered by a small battery.

Rhythm has won multiple and repeated awards from Ministry of International Trade and Industry (M.I.T.I). These are the highest timepiece quality awards given by the Japanese government. Rhythm has also won the Deming Prize for company-wide quality control. W. Edwards Deming was an American engineer who worked with Japanese manufacturers after World War Two. Deming helped them achieve their legendary ability to produce innovative high-quality products.

Rhythm first introduced the brand’s Magic Motion technology in 1988, and Rhythm U.S.A. was incorporated a year later. Magic Motion is the company’s name for the functions that bring their clocks alive. The mechanisms that carry out the fascinating animations are fabricated from only the highest-quality metal and plastic. The engineering that goes into creating a Rhythm Clock is second to none and guarantees flawless operation.

In addition to the animation, Rhythm Clocks feature a crystal clear sound system that plays along with the motion. Each clock has its own play list, and every hour it rotates through a different song. There are three sound systems used in the clocks that can play as many as eighteen different songs. These include the Dynamic Wave System (DWS). Clarion Tone System (CTS), Super Symphonic Sound System (SSS), and the Westminster (WSM). The latter features striking, melody and chime. The WSM is the newest sound system offered by Rhythm. It is also the only one of its kind being offered today.

Traditionally, clocks of all types that are fitted with Westminster Chimes only play Westminster. In addition to playing Westminster, the WSM also plays popular and Christmas music. The WSM not only strikes the hour, it has the 4x4 (quarterly) feature for the Westminster chime.

The majority of the Magic Motion clocks are housed in a wood frame. These cases are assembled with a high level of craftsmanship. The type of wood — oak, birch, walnut and beech — moldings and stains are all carefully chosen for the best effect. The correct stain is carefully matched to the wood making every Rhythm clock a great addition to any furniture decor.

The Magic Motion clocks are all fitted with battery operated quartz movements. These movements are extremely precise, in keeping with the precision timepieces that Rhythm has been producing since the company was founded.

Unlike many manufacturers, batteries always are included with Rhythm Clocks so the clock is ready to use immediately after taking it out of the box. All Rhythm Clocks are fitted with a night sensor, which automatically stops the music when it gets dark, and a volume control and an on/off switch.

What sets Rhythm apart from the rest of the industry is its investment in the development of state-of-theart features and designs. During the last twenty years, Rhythm’s engineers and designers, practicing the company’s credo, “Be a leader, never follow,” have even surprised themselves with the innovations and evolution of Rhythm’s clocks.

The Magic Motion Small World line includes an amazing choice of animations. Several clocks feature bell ringers, organists and other miniature musicians who perform the melodies while lights blink on and off. Others open to reveal rotating pictures, flashing crystals and whirling dancers.

A recent addition to the Rhythm line is the CTS Voyager . The first in a new fleet of nautical clocks, this handsome clock’s dial features a detailed picture of an antique map of the Pacific Ocean. On the hour, the map splits in half while revolving through a 360-degree revolution that reveals dolphins and a compass that move simultaneously with other elements. The CTS system plays one of twelve classical/popular melodies or three Christmas selections.

Another new clock for 2007 is the SSS Encore . Every hour on the hour, the individual numbers and dial begin an amazing twirling display. As they move, they reveal graceful dancers and swans, before returning to their original positions. The animation is accompanied by one of six country, popular or Christmas melodies.

Representing the “Timecracker” series, the CTS Timecracker Ultra combines fine woodworking with Rhythm’s Magic Motion. Like the Voyager, the dial splits in half on the hour and each half moves to the side, while revolving through a 360-degree revolution. As the CTS system plays twelve classical/popular or three Christmas melodies, the pendulum, fitted with Swarovski crystals, rotates continuously.

Rhythm’s flagship, and the company’s best selling clock, is the CTS Nostalgia . Every hour on the hour, the face opens into three sections to reveal five rotating bells, accompanied by three brilliant lights that flash to the sound of the music. The beautiful oak frame, gold and silver accents and pendlum fitted with Swarosvski crystals create a truly elegant piece. The clock can play six different popular melodies and three Christmas songs.

Several Rhythm Clocks are designed specifically for children. The DWS Li’L Bears includes two little bears who, on the hour, rotate to one of six children’s melodies. The DWS Bedtime , available in pink and blue, features two coaches, pulled by teams of white horses, that run around the dial, while playing six children's melodies.

In addition to the Magic Motion clocks, Rhythm also produces an extensive line of mantle clocks. These include the CTS King Mantle. Measuring an imposing fifteen inches high by twenty-four-and-a-half inches wide, the clock plays one of six classical, six popular or three Christmas melodies. The continually rotating pendulum contains four Swarovski crystals.

The ” Masters” series is one of the newest additions to the Rhythm Clock line. The WSM Masters 21 wall clock’s dial features traditional Roman numerals. It is housed in an elegant dark beech wood frame measuring twenty inches in diameter. The dial includes a small seconds hand located at six o’clock. The one-of-a-kind movement strikes Westminster, popular and Christmas melodies.

Kazumi Kinoshita is the president of Rhythm. Kazumi Kinoshita went to work in Rhythm Clocks’ shipping department in 1976. Working his way up through the ranks, Kinoshita was appointed president of Rhythm Hong Kong in 1997 and in 2007, was named president of Rhythm U.S.A., Inc.

“I take pride in the fact,” Kinoshita says, “that our company not only offers the best product possible, but also a great office staff that provides excellent customer service. My dream is that Americans will fall in love with our clocks. Rhythm will continue to create and design new clocks for the American market because Americans not only love music, they also enjoy the element of surprise.” Anybody who has seen Rhythm Clocks in action cannot help but agree with Mr. Kinoshita. When the hour strikes, and the clocks swing into action, you cannot help but be amazed at the display of motion, sound and light. Rhythm Clocks certainly live up to their name — Magic motion!

If you would like more information about Rhythm clocks please call 770-640-6311 or email to or visit their web site at


Just wanted to let you know that my clock arrived yesterday here in Australia and I have been extremely satisfied with your service and the product, which now ... read more

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