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Lampair Fragrance Lamp Oil by Millefiori Milano

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Product Description

Lampair Fragrance Lamp Oil by Millefiori Milano brings a luxurious touch of Italia to fragrance lamp oils.

ONLY for use in a Catalytic Fragrance or Effusion Lamp. NOT for use in any device with a continuous flame.

MILLEFIORI MILANO HAS STOPPED IMPORTING TO THE USA... When our current inventory is gone we cannot get more. We have duplicated several fragrances in our Courtneys Candles Brand of fragrance lamp oil, including Oxygen, Spa Massage Thai, Sandalwood Bergamot and Vanilla Flower.

Each bottle contains 500 ml (a little over 16 fluid ounces) of fragrance lamp oil.

Make your fragrance selection in the pull down menu. FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTIONS

  • AMBER DELICE - A dense fire. Sweet and persistent aroma.
  • BOIS D ARBRE - Fresh woody notes on a harmony of cypress and sandalwood create a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere. Spices, wood, earth in a mix of precious antiquity. Warmth filtered by time.
  • CEDAR - Blends together the woody scent of Moroccan cedar with wonderful heated spices. The heady, spicy and natural tones create a rustic and sensual aroma that will fill your home with a gorgeous feeling of warmth.
  • CHIMERA: Flavoured charming notes of spices: ginger and cardamom.
  • COLD WATER - A faint hint of alcohol Male touches of sandalwood, rosemary, lemon, bergamot. Pungent, it filters into the mind.
  • FIOR DI MUSCHIO: Flower note of roses and green mandarine embellished by amber seeds.
  • GREEN TEA - Green Tea fragrance diffuser refill by Millefiori has a blend of oils that features a natural scent that evokes tea & flowers; the feeling of soft grass in an exotic springtime.
  • GRAPE CASSIS: around grape and cassis, the scent reveals citrus, flowery and sweety fruity notes of pomegranate, peach and vanilla berries the bottom is softly woody and musky
  • LAVANDA - FRESH LAVENDER - Lavender flowers nuanced with amber. Spring in Provence, fresh and full of energy. Balanced senses and inner well-being.
  • LEGNI E SPEZIE (WOODS AND SPICES) - Warm enveloping fire that warms the soul. Notes of lavender and orange reawaken the senses cuddled by sweet vanilla and cedar wood.
  • LEMON GRASS - Light, pungent verbena. Vivacity, energy, lively passion. Succulent sun infusing the air with light.
  • MANGO & PAPAYA - A warm, soft fragrance rich with juice. To bite, to live - like crazy passionate fruit. An explosion of colours.
  • MELA & CANNELLA (APPLE & CINNAMON) - Tender tones of cinnamon with hints of soft spices, spiked with a lively puff of apple. Intriguing to the intellect, instinctually tempting.
  • MIRTO (MYRTLE) - Energising stroll amidst the fresh forest paths. Intense notes of myrtle intertwine with sweet jasmine, to the pink and green of lilac as aromatic summer breeze.
  • MONDI - MONOI - The delicacy of the Orient fuses with the energy and warmth of the Mediterranean. A fragrance of a delicate heart with the sweet Monoi flower of Japan and with the playful touch of orange flowers.
  • MUSCHIO E SPEZIE: Poudre musk note made sparkling by dill and rosemary notes.
  • NEUTRAL Lamp oil with no fragrance Great for getting the air purification benefits of a fragrance lamp without adding fragrance to your room. Also great for cleaning wickstones.
  • NINFEA - Fresh note of water, of flower and of innocence. Fleshy fragrance, graceful and sparkling. Imagination suspended between life and dream.
  • OASI Features Cedarwood, Amber, Rose, Lavender, Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamopt & Lily of the Valley
  • ORANGE TEA - Rich and spicy fragrance in which flower and citrus fruit merge to create a poem of intense emotions.
  • OXYGEN - Sparkling and balsamic notes of lemon rinds and pine needles. Like a walk in the fresh woods of the morning, it bestows energy and vitality.
  • ROSE MADELAINE - Sweet maternal touch. Enveloping embrace of lilac and cyclamen. An elegant and refined bouquet that conquers the heart and the mind.
  • SANDALO BERGAMOTTO (BERGAMOT SANDALWOOD) - Fresh puff of lavender, grapefruit and bergamot. Soft summer rain, scented, intense of heart to the flavour of red fruit, myrtle and jasmine.
  • SEA SHORE: Fresh citrus, rosemary and star anis note.
  • SILVER SPIRIT - Citrus essences, powder of burnt malt, grains of seeds of springflower. Noble and accurate fragrances giving a sensation of deep wellness.
  • SPA & MASSAGE THAI - A relaxing massage that transports the mind back to an ancient time. Delicate flower petals and a light spicy touch bestow relaxation and well-being to the body and mind.
  • SWEET LIME - Sunny charge of energy. Vigorous fragrance of lime, Sicilian lemon and neroli. A juice of energy with a sweet fruity heart of strawberries and currants.
  • VANILLA & WOOD - Mix of tango and sandalwood. Wood and vanilla that smell of the Orient. A loving perfume for complete sensation.
  • VANILLE CANNELLE (CINNAMON VANILLA) - Sweet caress of vanilla, velvety apricot and fresh bergamot. A sensual and spicy touch of cinnamon which intoxicates the body and the mind.
  • VANILLA FLOWER - Warm cloud of vanilla flowers, intense and enveloping for candied atmospheres. A pinch of feigned innocence that will tempt you.
  • VANILLA LIME - An intense, aromatic fragrance, sweetened by the exotic berries of Madagascar vanilla. A harmonious chant on the citrus notes of the pink grapefruit, of the sweet orange and of the Italian lemon.
  • WHITE PATCHOULY: Woody bergamot and Vetiver roots note, enriched by Indonesian patchouly.

  • As per CARB, Fragrance Lamps & Oils may NOT ship to California.

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