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Courtney's Fragrance Lamp & Lamp Oils Customer Testominials

Our thousands of fragrance lamp and fragrance lamp oil customers speak volumes on our product quality. Courtney's Fragrance Lamp Oils work great in all brands of fragrance lamps including La Tee Da, Alexandria, Bella Breeze, Scentier, Greenleaf, Ne Qwa Art, Lampe Orleans and our own Courtney's Brand Lamps.

Note: (Lampe Berger is a registered trademark of the company that invented the fragrance lamp 100 years ago. Some customers may use the term "Lampe Berger" to refer to Fragrance Lamps in general.)

Thank you for your expertise and kindness. I am enjoying your fragrance lampe oils and saving $$$'s.

Pat C. - Lake Orion MI

I have had Lampe Bergers for a long time... and have lived by their rules not using other lamp oil brands, etc. Recently, I bought several Scentier lampes (mostly gifts) from Courtneys Candles, and accompanying each lampe was a 16 oz bottle of fuel. I tried one of the bottles of fuel... in my Lampe Berger, and had no problems! I am hooked on their fragrances, now and am really saving money on oil! The oils burn great in both brands of lampes I own, and smell wonderfully. Thanks to a great merchant!

Joy K. - Malakoff, TX

I found Courtneys Candles & Creations by chance during a Yahoo search for fragrance oils for my Lampe Berger. I am so glad I did! The Web site is clear and very easy to navigate. The prices are terrific as is their product. The shipping options are great, and my order was delivered promptly. Now that I have found them, I will continue to be a customer of theirs.

Mary B. - Holly Lake Ranch, TX

I wanted to tell you how wonderful the Courtney fragrance lamp oils are. I have tried every sort of scent available...Lampe Berger brand, Alexandria, Lampe Orleans, Scentier, Ace hardware brands, etc. Not one comes close to the smell of Courtneys or the lasting effect. I have a large home and the smell from just one lamp (I have three lamps) is sufficent to make the whole house smell great. Unlike the others, once I put the lamp out the fragrance lasts for a long time.

Anne J. - Jacksonville, FL

I have placed two orders with Courtneys and each has exceeded my expectations. The crystal lanps I bought are more beautiful than the photos show. The prices were outstanding. The delivery time was short and the fragrances I bought are extremely pleasant and true to the discriptions. I have been buying Lampe Berger lampes and fragrances until now. I will be shopping with Courtneys now because of the >b>great prices and extremely pleasant fragrances. I am telling all of my friends who use fragrance lamps about Courtneys.

James B. - Allentown, PA

It is a pleasure doing business with you. You are fast, efficient and the lamp oils are excellent. They burn cleanly and their scents are true to your descriptions - I like them as well as the Lampe Berger oils I was purchasing before finding you. We currently have 5 Lampe Bergers and will be ordering your fragrances from now on. And when I purchase a new Lampe I will certainly check your stock first!!!

Thank you, Judith - Manchester, CT

I love your products. I plan to be a customer of yours for years to come. I can't help stop raving about your great service and products to friends and families who have Lampe Bergers. I have given them all your web address. If they are as smart as I think they are they will definitely be purchasing some of the great products you sell... there is not a place who sells such great smelling oils, for such a great price... and if that was not enough, you get great service as well.

Maybel L. - Jacksonville, FL

I wanted to let you know about the quality of your fragrance lamps. I have a number of Lampe Berger Fragrance Lampes. Some of them come with flimsy aluminum shades. Those that I have ordered from you, all have heavy detailed shades that surpass the quality of the Lampe Berger I own. I am also impressed with the quality of the glass. They are, at least, as beautiful as the most expensive fragrance lampes I own - and that would be from one to a few hundred dollars. Thanks for being honest about the wicks, fragrances and lamps. You have high-end fragrance lamps at a very affordable price. They look much better in person than they do on-line and my fourth order is on it's way. I can honestly say, you give the best and most expensive fragrance lampes a run for their money. Thanks again,

Thomas - New York City

I purchased fragrance lamps and oils from Courtney's Candles. Words aren't enough....I hope I can get more customers for you. Great merchants are hard to find. Your products and friendly service are well appreciated. I consider you a friend more than a merchant and plan on ordering for years to come. THANK YOU!

Karen M. - Morgan City, LA

I have an expensive Lampe Berger porcelain lampe and your oil burns beautifully in it. At your prices I can afford to light my lampes more often & THANK GOD, I can buy American!!

Sylvia C. Lutz - FL


Barbara M. - Frisco, TX

Just wanted to tell you how your Courtney's Fragrance Lamp and Oils saved my house from smelling. I live in Florida where we just went thru Hurricane Wilma and had no power for 9 days. I have two greyhound dogs in my house and it was getting hotter each day with no power, but I would light up my Courtney's Fragrance Lamps and they kept my house from smelling like dog...or worse!!! Your product is wonderful and your service is great. Thanks so much,

Leslie A. - Lauderhill, FL

This is my 5th order and I am completely satisfied with this merchant. Quality, price & service are excellent and I recommend them to all my friends.

Michele M. - Phoenix, AZ

If you desire beautiful merchandise, excellent customer care and an online vendor who is more like a good friend, Courtneys Candles & Creations is your web site! Their attentive staff sent detailed and caring answeres to my e-mailed questions within minutes - on a SATURDAY - and the exquisite fragrance lamp I purchased as a gift was such a hit that I just received the nicest Thank You letter I have ever gotten! I look forward to many years of shopping on this caring web site!

Laura S. - Jacksonville, FL

Shipping was fast and the fragrance lamp oil is truly top quality!! A+ In my book.

Shawna M. - Conroe, TX

The fragrance oil was better than they had claimed. The fragrances smelled exactly like what they were supposed to smell like (apple was really like an apple). The packaging is very cute, not to mention they have the least expensive yet best quality fragrance oils I have ever encountered. Not to mention the box arrived a day early which is totally unheard of; a day early wow!!! Needless to say we are very pleased and will be doing a lot more business and sending a lot more business in their direction.

Dawn L. - California City, CA

Awesome experience! I purchased Courtneys own brand of Lampe Berger Style oil lamps. Not only did they include FULL SIZE bottles of oil w/ each lamp, which made the lamps an even better value, they also had a buy 5 get one free offer on the oils! The lamps are beautiful, quality is great, prices very reasonable, and I received the order in 2 days, most likely because they shipped the order the day it was received.(I didnt pay freight at all due to a special offer!) As a retail buyer I am very aware of pricing on merchandise, and aware that many retailers are using freight as a profit center. Courtneys is a good value in every way!

Lisa S. - Dacula, GA

I was pleased with the selection of products offered, the prices, and the ease of using the website. I also liked that I received a free bottle of lamp oil of my choice of scent, with the purchase of an effusion lamp. The items I ordered arrived very quickly, were well packed, and even nicer than expected. I called Courtney's with some questions about their lamp oils and the person I spoke with was pleasant and helpful - a real plus in doing business with any merchant - on or off the web! I will be placing another order with Courtney's in the next few weeks - they are getting my highest recommendation!

Debra W. - Commack, NY

They are the most WONDERFUL people. You feel as if you are their only customer! YOUR purchases and/or questions are their most IMPORTANT priority-or so it feels! Shipping is super fast. Buy, & *POOF* its at your door! Great prices, for quality items. The free ship (w/amt of purchase)is FANTASTIC - ALL merchants should offer this-not just as a promo! I guess the best way to put it, once your a customer, you are part of the COURTNEYS CANDLES FAMILY!

Laura G. - Port St. Lucie, FL


Just wanted to let you know that my clock arrived yesterday here in Australia and I have been extremely satisfied with your service and the product, which now ... read more

Heather J.


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