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History of Fragrance Lamps

Maurice Berger patented the Fragrance Lampe in Paris in June of 1898

During the early 1900's, the Lamps were marketed to French institutions where hygiene was most important such as hospitals and mortuaries. The Lamps ability to purify the air was the primary selling point. At that time the lamps used methyl alcohol which gave off formaldehyde on combustion. It was efficient but smelled unpleasant.

Today, Fragrance Lamps are a quickly growing segment of the home fragrance and air purification market.

Other popular brands of fragrance lamps include:
  • La Tee Da
  • Alexandria
  • Scentier
  • Lamp Paradise
  • Greenleaf Aroma Decor
  • Bella Breeze
  • Lampe Avenue
  • La Maison
  • Lampe Orleans
  • Courtneys
  • Tyler
  • Claire Burke
  • Ne Qwa Art
  • Clayworks
Fragrance lamps are available in many materials including; crystal, ceramic, mosaics, metal, hand blown glass, and machine made glass.