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~Courtney's Page~

~Courtney's Page~Hi my name is Courtney. My mom started Courtney's Candles and named the business after me. (That's us in the picture above.) The logo on the candles and on the lamp fragrance was me when I was 7. And no I did not actually wear that dress!!! My favorite fragrance that my mom makes is Courtney's Bouquet. I don't think it is because it is named after me but it doesn't hurt;-)

I have a Yorkie named Ruffles and a Shi-Tsu named Lexie (that's Lexie in the picture with me) and puppy named Sweet Pea. I really love animals, just like my mom. We're critter crazy. I have 8 cats, 5 dogs, and 3 horses. My favorite animals are cats. I think they are my favorite because I like to just sit down and read a book or be on the computer or just watch TV, cats no matter what are right there by you, well at least my cats are.

Mom says my first word was "shoes", not Mommy, not Daddy, but "shoes".

I'm now a college Junior majoring in marketing. I was captain of the Seneca High School Varsity cheerleading squad and we took first place in the Missouri State competition in the 3A Large Division (Teams with over 12 members). See the Video below! Our school took first at state again the next year for back to back wins!

My hobbies still include: being on the phone, the computer, watching TV, and playing with my cats but now they also include gymnastics, boys and shopping!!!

I cut the commercial below for CR Moore in Vinita... it was fun!


Wilma, Courtney's mom, has always loved scented candles and has burned them for as long as she can remember. She started making her own very highly scented jar candles in 1993 because she was not happy with the quality of the candles she could buy. They didn’t have enough fragrance and burned up too fast.

Her friends and family raved about the candles she made for herself so she created and gave away dozens and dozens. In so doing, she perfected the formula for Courtney’s Candles, the super highly scented candles with very long burn times that have become a market favorite among those who love and appreciate high quality scented candles.

Wilma named the business after her most wonderful creation, her daughter Courtney. The little girl holding a candle on the label and logo is Courtney at age 7.

The business started in Wilma's kitchen, grew into her garage, then into her parents garage too, and then took over our current 10,000 sqft building. Despite the rapid growth of the business, quality is assured as every candle is still produced in accordance with Wilma's painstakingly developed recipe by family members.

Wilma is a dedicated shop-a-holic and everywhere she goes she looks for new gift lines to add to our line up. Over the years, Wilma has found a select few gift lines that she loved and bought for our home: Heather Goldminc's Clayworks, Rhythm Small World Clocks, Seiko Melodies in Motion Clocks, many brands of Fragrance Lamps, Firepots and Reed Diffusers, BirdBrain Hummingbird Feeders and Gazer Balls, Candle Warmers, Tyler Candles, WoodWick Candles and much more. When we find something we love, we go all out... become experts in the product line and stock 100% of the available items.

We do our best to treat every customer as we would like to be treated: with respect & honesty, value pricing, and super quick service.

Give us a try and you'll be sure to join the ranks of our super-satisfied customers.


Just wanted to let you know that my clock arrived yesterday here in Australia and I have been extremely satisfied with your service and the product, which now ... read more

Heather J.


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