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Heather Goldminc's Clayworks Blue Sky - Studio H Ceramics

Find Clayworks - Blue Sky and Studio H - Westland Ceramic .

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Banana Cabana - Clayworks & Blue Sky
Studio H Ceramics Collection by Heather Goldminc for Westland
Noah's Ark Rosary - Blue Sky & Clayworks
Candle Houses - Glass and Metal
Nightlights from Clayworks - Blue Sky by Heather Goldminc
Studio H Angels by Heather Goldminc
Halloween by Clayworks & Blue Sky
Clayworks Christmas Collections by Heather Goldminc
Clayworks Blue Sky's Hanukkah by Heather Goldminc
Everyday Clayworks T-Lites
Cute Clayworks Nautical Figures
Clayworks Studio Originals - Custom Candle Houses
Easter Clayworks Blue Sky Collection
The Clayworks' Wedding Party
Fairy Flower Clayworks Fragrance Lamps
Nautical Collections of Clayworks Blue Sky
Birthday Creations - Clayworks & Blue Sky
Casino Collection - Clayworks Blue Sky
Clayworks Rosarys by Heather Goldminc for Blue Sky
Royal Goldminc Kingdom Limited Edition - Clayworks Blue Sky 2005
Valentine's Day Clayworks Collections
Clayworks for Baby
Inspirational Scrolls - Clayworks Blue Sky
Heather's Special Pink Rose Tea Set - Clayworks Blue Sky
Love Bugs & Night Lights Collection Clayworks Blue Sky 2006
Animal Tail Lights - Clayworks Blue Sky 2005
Bright Bulbs - Clayworks Blue Sky
Crystal River Fairys - Clayworks & Blue Sky
Teacher Collection - Clayworks & Blue Sky 2009 & 2003
French Quarter Clayworks Collection
Clayworks Saying Plaques
Courtney's & Heather Goldminc
Heather Goldminc's Story
Birthday Creations - Clayworks & Blue Sky
The Clayworks' Wedding Party
Spring Angel Bell - Clayworks Blue Sky 2009
Summer Angel Bell - Clayworks Blue Sky 2009
Nurses Do It With Love S & P Set - Clayworks Blue Sky 2009
Hope Flower Cross Plaque - Clayworks Blue Sky 2006
Faith Bird Cross Plaque - Clayworks Blue Sky 2006
Large Desert Vistas Bird Sculpture - Clayworks Blue Sky 2008
Funky Rooster Creamer - Clayworks Blue Sky 2007
Funky Rooster Sugar - Clayworks Blue Sky 2007
Faith Bird Cross Plaque - Clayworks Blue Sky 2006
Hope Flower Cross Plaque - Clayworks Blue Sky 2006
Red Poppy Angel Bird Feeder - Clayworks Blue Sky 2006
Faith Bird Cross Plaque - Clayworks Blue Sky 2006
Hope Flower Cross Plaque - Clayworks Blue Sky 2006
Frog Al Base Player - Clayworks & Blue Sky
Romantic Rose T-Lite - Clayworks 2004
Romantic Rose Bathtub T-Lite - Clayworks 2004
Powder Dragon Puff Musical
Peach Dragon Puff
Summer Trellis - 6" Pillar Candle Holder- Clayworks
Gardening Fool T-Lite Holder
Snap Dragon Seeds Vase
Black Bear Wine Cork w/Stand - Clayworks & Blue Sky
Clayworks Blue Sky Candle House Light
Watering Can Snuffer - Clayworks
Best Friends Snuffer - Clayworks
Cafe Table Snuffer - Clayworks
Dog - Clayworks - No Box
Christmas Lights - Clayworks - No Box
Bunny Egg Cup - Clayworks
Joy Angel - Clayworks
Cat - Clayworks Christmas - No Box
Hearts T-Lite Holder - Clayworks
Watering Can T-Lite - Clayworks
Sleigh T-Lite - Clayworks
Grissella the Witch Snuffer - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Easter Egg Small - Clayworks - No Box
Easter Egg Box - Clayworks
Easter Egg Chick Box - Clayworks
Baby Picture Frame - Clayworks
Jesus Loves Me Frame - Clayworks
Snowman Snuffer - Clayworks
Mission Bell T-Light - Clayworks
Fairy Kingdom Hinged Box Clayworks - No Box
Globe/Gazer Ball Base - Clayworks - No Box
Make a Wish Ladybug - Clayworks
Cherry Cottage Watering Can - Clayworks
Trick or Treat T-Lite
I Love You Cupcake Trinket Box - Clayworks
Thank You Cupcake Trinket Box - Clayworks
You Are Sweet Cupcake Trinket Box - Clayworks
Best Friend Cupcake Trinket Box - Clayworks
Best Mom Cupcake Trinket Box - Clayworks
Best Grandma Cupcake Trinket Box - Clayworks
Gardening Star - Clayworks
Noah's Picture Box - Clayworks
Baby's First Piggy Bank Blue - Clayworks
Baby's First Bootie Bank Blue - Clayworks
Clayworks Christmas Collection - No Box
Mrs Snow T-Lite Holder - Clayworks
Sleigh T-Lite - Clayworks - No Box
Gingerbread Snowman with Sign - Clayworks - No Box
Calla Lily Shoe - Clayworks
Ring Bearer - Clayworks Wedding - No Box
Bride and Groom - Clwyworks Wedding
I Love You Heart T-Lite Holder - Clayworks
Bear Holding Stars - Clayworks
Flag Mailbox T-Lite Clayworks
Rose T-Lite - Clayworks - No Box
Small Angel - Robin Song Clayworks - No Box
Tart Burner - Robin Song Clayworks - No Box
I Could Never Forget You - Clayworks Wall Plaque - No Box
Lovey Dovey Bless this Marriage 'Bell - Clayworks
Queen of Mothers Mug - Clayworks
Bag of Toys - Clayworks - No Box
Zebra Wild at Heart Mug - Clayworks
Guys World Key Ring - Clayworks
Wee Irish Mug - Clayworks
Boy Girl Scarecrow T-Lite Set
Christmas Village Jar Holder - Clayworks
Cheetah Wild At Heart Mug - Clayworks
Spooky Howl House - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Bat House - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Cat on a Fence - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Pumpkin - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Fready Cat House - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Spider Web Cup - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Do Not Feed the Tree T-Lite - Clayworks
Turtle T-Lite Holder - Clayworks
Twilight Cove Salt and Paper Shakers - Clayworks
Happy Heart Valentine House - Clayworks
Easter Egg Medium - Clayworks - No Box
Blossom Bell Calla - Clayworks
Grisella the Witch - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Just Batty House - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Kissy Fish Nightlite - Clayworks
Twilight Blue Lady Sculpture - Clayworks
Gardeners Cottage Wall Plaque - Clayworks
Pig and Barrel Wine Cork - Clayworks
Pig on a Harley - Clayworks
Chicken Coop - Farmville Clayworks
Three Apple Trees - Clayworks
Lady Bug - Clayworks
Peek a Boo Nightlight - Clayworks
Muffy Morningstar Nightlight - Clayworks
Voluptous Vera Nightlight - Clayworks
Can Can Connie Nightlight - Clayworks
Sally Sunrise Nightlight - Clayworks
Ring the Bells of Freedom Angel - Clayworks- No Box
Santa Claus Car - Clayworks
Angel Rosary - Clayworks
Angel Rosary Trinket Box - Clayworks
Church of the Woods Snowglobe
Taper House Candle Holder - Clayworks
Santa T-Lite - Clayworks - No Box
Santa Music Box - Clayworks
Marshmallow T-Lite - Clayworks - No Box
Ashley - Clayworks - No Box
Victorian Rose Taper Holder - Claywroks
Friendship Church T-Lite - Clayworks
Timeless Inspiration Church T-Lite - Clayworks
Heart with Roses - Clayworks - No Box
Side Table - Clayworks
Fall Angel Bell- Clayworks
Moms Tea Shop - Clayworks - No Box
Tea Rose Cottage - Clayworks - No Box
Church of the White Rose - Clayworks
Kissy Fish Large-Pink - Clayworks
Bless This Marriage Rosary - Clayworks
Cat - Santa's Try Outs - Clayworks
Snowman Caroler - Clayworks Christmas - No Trivit
Toad Stool Hinged Box Clayworks Fairy Kingdom - No Box
Fairy Box Clayworks - No Box
Welcome Little One Frame BLUE - Clayworks
Mouse House Clayworks Christmas - No Box
Santa Jar Holder - Christmas Clayworks - No Box
Waltz of the Flower Fairy - - Clayworks
Arabian Dancer Ornament - Clayworks
Mini April Birthday Cake - Clayworks
Mini May Birthday Cake - Clayworks
June Mini Birthday Cake - Clayworks
September Mini Birthday Cake - Clayworks
Iris Splendor Lady Figurine - Clayworks
Santa Decorating Tree with Bear - Clayworks
Rudolph Racing - Christmas Clayworks
Chapel of Love Candles House - Clayworks
Love Nest T-Lite Holder - Clayworks
Out House and Laundry - Farmville Clayworks
Fairy Vase - Small - Clayworks - No Box
Fairy on Flower Stem Figurine - Clayworks - No Box
Welcome Chruch - Clayworks
With Love At Christmas Candle House - Clayworks
Santa Christmas Plate - Clayworks - No Box
Dad's Tool Shed T-Lite House - Clayworks - No Box
Frog King T-Lite - Clayworks - No Box
Dolphin - Santa's Try Outs - Clayworks
Heart of Gold Angel - Seasons of Angels Claywoirks
Easter Bunny Musical - Clayworks - No Box
Easter Chic Musical - Clayworks - No Box
Heartland Village Center Base - Clayworks
Harvest Cranberry Dish - Clayworks
It's a Dogs Life - Clayworks - No Trivit
Rainbow Ice Cream - Clayworks
Perfect Fit Shoe Store - Clayworks
Bat Cave - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Wind Chime - Robin Song Clayworks - No Box
Elf Hurricane T-Lite - Christmas Clayworks - No Box
Gingerbread Church - Clayworks - No Box
Nutcracker Suite hotel - Clayworks - No Trivit
Lemonade Stand - Clayworks - No Trivit
Cottontail Cottage Candle House - Clayworks
Dotty the Chicken Bird Feeder - Clayworks
Pigula - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Rufus the Dog - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Charlie the Cat - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Little Bear Ghost - Halloween Clayworks - No Box
Cinnamon Vanilla Tea Cup Fragrance House - Clayworks
Fishin Shack - Clayworks
Sea Life Gazing Ball - Nautical Clayworks - No Box
Worlds Best Teacher T-Lite - Clayworks
Mermaid Mirror - Clayworks
Small Traditional Nativity - Christmas Clayworks - No Box
Creche - Clayworks Christmas
July Birthday Cake
November Birthday Cake - Clayworks
50th Birthday Cake Candle House - Clayworks - No Trivit
Over the Hill Candle House - Clayworks
Holly and Ivy Hotel Candle House - Clayworks
Toy Mill Candle House - Clayworks - No Music
Good Ol' Dogs Garage House - Clayworks
Poppy Palace Electric Lamp - Clayworks
Casablanca Castle Candle House - Clayworks - Missing Fairy
Shades of Blue Gazer - Clayworks
Sunflower Candle House - Clayworks - No Box
Casablanca Candle House - Clayworks
Santa T-Lite - Clayworks
Giraffe - Santa's Try Outs - Clayworks
Bronco Billy's - Clayworks
Halloween Night T-Lite Holder - Clayworks
Joy Candle House - Clayworks
Joy Candle House - Clayworks - No Trivit
White Birch Tree Snowman - - Clayworks - No Box
Toyland Stocking - Clayworks - No Box
You Are the Key Angel - Clayworks
Tulip Candle House - Clayworks - No Bee
Starlight Forest Angel - Clayworks
Summer Angel - Clayworks
Spring Angel - Seasons Clayworks Blue Sky 2009
Winter Angel - Seasons Clayworks
Welcome to Reindeerville T-Lite
Carosel Gingerbread Kingdom - Clayworks - Musical
Winter Candle House - Clayworks
Spring Planter - Clayworks - No Box
Winter Planter - Clayworks - No Box
Pineapple Paridise Candle House - Clayworks
Barn and Silo Farmville Clayworks
Yankee Doodle Gazebo Candle House - Clayworks
Wild Rose Candle House - Clayworks - Missing Bug
Grisella's Home Brew - Halloween Clayworks
Large Angel of Light - Clayworks
Stardust - Clayworks
Hark the Herald Angels Sing Musical - Clayworks - No Bottom Plate
Two Hearts One Love - Clayworks


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