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Courtneys Candles 8 oz Diffuser Refills for Porcelain or Reed Diffusers

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Product Description

Courtneys Candles Porcelain - Ceramic - Reed Diffuser Refills come in over 200 fragrances and feature the highest possible fragrance content.


Courtneys Candles Porcelain - Ceramic - Reed Diffuser Refills are specially formulated to work great in:
  • Porcelain Diffusers (like Zodax)
  • Ceramic Diffusers (like Millefiori Milano, Scentier & Courtneys)
  • Traditional Reed Diffusers

    Each bottle contains approximately 8 ounces or about 250 ml of reed diffuser fragrance. Designed to slowly evaporate and continuously fragrance your room over a period of months. Never any flame.




    AHEAD OF THE STORM - Crisp, clean, & energizing fragrance includes hints of rose, ylang, lavender and clove.

    AFTERNOON LEISURE - Soothing & spicy fragrance includes woodsy & fruity notes, nutmeg, cedar wood, apples & Cinnamon. If you like Charleston or New Orleans, you'll love Afternoon Leisure.

    ALLURE - Exotic blend of rosewood and jasmine.

    ALMOND CREME - Intense Almond with rich creme and a hint of cherry.

    AMAZON - A fruity smell similar to the Aromatique fragrance of the same name. The smell of the “Amazon” a big favorite with anyone that tries it.

    AMBER - Warm woody amber floral tones.

    AMBER FIRE - Rich and bold smoky woodland scent with smooth sandalwood, floral amber and musk.

    AMBER INCENSE -Sweet amber notes accented with citrus, fresh lavender and subtle florals with a background of sultry woods and sheer musk.

    AMBER POWDER - Sensual fragrance with amber, patchouli, subtle rose, lily of the valley and vanilla notes.

    APPLE JACK - Freshly sliced red delicious apples blend with lively citrus accords and floral notes of carnation and lily pulled together with a perfect blend of cinnamon and clove.

    APPLE MACINTOSH - Fresh pressed Macintosh Apple juice.

    APPLES N' SPICE - Wonderful blend of Macintosh Apple and Brazilian Spice.

    ATLANTIC TIDE - Oceanic top note blended with peach, citrus & Spanish eucalyptus.

    BABY POWDER - A favorite for a fresh clean aroma.

    BEAUTIFUL TYPE - A great perfume-like scent. One of Wilma’s favorites.

    BLACK BAMBOO - Herbal Citrus top notes and Woody Amber Musk bottom and middle notes.

    BLACK CURRANT VANILLA - Floral notes of fresh linen, green clover, rose, tuberose, narcissus, ylang, gardenia, jasmine and palm arose combined with warm woods of cedar.

    BLUEBERRY POMOGRANATE - Sweet blueberries and ripe pomegranate.

    BLUEBERRY - Sweet ripe blueberries.

    BRAZILLIAN SPICE - A rich blend of invigorating spices.

    BROWN SUGAR & FIG - Ripe fig fruit and green fig leaf notes linger in the aroma of caramelized sugar and coconut milk and are accented with orchid, violet and sheer jasmine in a background of sandalwood and soft musk.

    CASHMERE - Intoxicating blend of anise flower, mimosa, rose de mai, and a hint of woody teak.

    CASHMERE AMBER - Warm woody amber with anise flower, mimosa, rose de mai, and a hint of woody teak

    CASHMERE BERGAMOT - Warm woody amber with sandalwood with bergamot, patchouli, jasmine, lavender & citrus

    CHARLESTON - Soothing fragrance, a woodsy and spicy mix, including nutmeg, coriander, patchouli and cedar wood plus notes of honey and vetiver.

    CHARMING - Heady musk warmed with woods of tobacco, sandalwood, patchouli and guaiac wood plus floral notes of honey rose, lily, jasmine and fresh marine breezes with herbal notes of fennel, anise and basil. Base notes of orange, bergamot, amber and vanilla bean.

    CHINA RAIN - Fresh aquatic scents blended with oriental spices.

    CHLOE - A perfume type fragrance.

    CINNAMON - You’ll love this energizing fragrance of warm, spicy and strong cinnamon.

    CINNAMON APPLE - An uplifting fragrance of cinnamon & apple.

    CINNAMON CLOVE BUD - Spicy cinnamon note blended with clove bud is highlighted with a hint of lemongrass and grounded in cashmere musk.

    CINNAMON EMBERS - Glowing embers infused with notes of cinnamon and swirling wood smoke.

    CINNAMON ORANGE SPICE - Wonderful combination of cinnamon, orange, spices and a touch of vanilla.

    CINNAMON VANILLA - An invigorating fragrance that makes a great change of pace for cinnamon and vanilla lovers. The vanilla really sweetens up the cinnamon.

    CITRUS & CEDAR - Sweet juicy orange with vanilla, cedar & patchouli.

    CITRUS LEAVES – Fresh and invigorating fragrance with sparkling citrus, bergamot and a touch of spices.

    CLARITY - Woody floral blend of red rose and rich sandalwood with touches of cedar and rosemary.

    CLEAN COTTON - The fresh clean scent.

    COLD WATER - Fresh notes of sandalwood, rosemary, lemon and bergamot.

    COOL WATERS - Lemon essential oil base with top notes of bergamot, eucalyptus & mint, middle notes of lilac & lavender, and bottom notes of amber & woody herbal.

    COURTNEYS BOUQUET - Love is in the air with this bold floral fragrance. It’s Courtney’s personal favorite.

    CRANBERRY - Similar to a mulberry - but with a little more tartness.

    CRANBERRY ORANGE SPICE - Juicy orange, cranberry, exotic spices, black currant and a hint of vanilla.

    CRANBERRY WINE - A refreshing fruity mix of cranberry & apple - one of the really nice heavy fragrances. One of our top ten sellers.

    CREME BRULEE - Delicious dessert with strong vanilla fragrance.

    DESERT NIGHT - The dry, clean aromas of sage and cactus flowers - reduces stress and improves alertness.

    DREAM ANGELS - A warm angelic scent. Everyone will love this one! Similar to Victoria’s Secret Heavenly.

    DREAMCICLE - A creamy citrus fragrance of fresh orange with vanilla. Great summer scent.

    EARTH ANGEL - Fresh and green energizing herbal top notes with eucalyptus and citrus combined with fresh pine and cedar leaf for a smooth warm woody finish. Essential oils: cedar leaf, lemongrass, eucalyptus.

    EASTERN FIG - Fresh berries and sugarcane lemon with a hint of vanilla bean and green floral.

    ENCHANTED - Soft floral blend, slightly fruity with notes of jasmine, rose, lemon, lavender and pine on a background of earthy wood and sweet musk.

    ENERGIZING - Delightful floral blend of rose, lavender, and ylang with a hint of orange and spicy clove.

    ESSENCE OF SEVILLE - A zesty citrus and cinnamon blend. A base of orange, tangerine, & cinnamon with hints of cedar, sandalwood, clove & rosemary.

    ETERNITY - A lovely perfume type fragrance.

    EUCALYPTUS - A revitalizing and calming fragrance, a floral eucalyptus (does not smell like menthol eucalyptus)

    EUCALYPTUS LAVENDER - An aromatic, herbal blend of cooling eucalyptus and camphorous lavender.

    EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT - Aromatic, herbal blend of cooling eucalyptus with spearmint

    EVERGREEN - The closest thing to a Christmas Tree that you will get! Fresh aromatic pine with sweet fruity top notes and a resinous balsam and vanilla musk.

    EXOTIQUE - Sweetened ripe black cherries mingled with nuances of fruity peaches and berries with warm cedar wood and a subtle touch of passion rose.

    FIRENZE FAROY TYPE - A unique combination of floral geranium, jasmine, and sweet rose mixed with cinnamon & clove spice on a background of exotic ylang, cedar wood and soft vanilla. Naturals: Geranium, Ylang, Cedar wood, Clove Leaf.

    FIREWOOD - Rich and bold woodland scent of smoky vetiver and birch with smooth sandalwood, golden amber and mossy sultry musk.

    FLANNEL - Citrusy, clean, fresh and slightly green & anisic top notes spicy, rose, lavender violet, jasmine type middle notes woody, musky, sweet vanilla & berry type of bottom notes

    FOOTPRINTS OF SAND - Lemon essential oil base with strong citrus and orange top notes, floral rose and lavender middle notes, and green bottom notes.

    FREESIA - A beautiful floral fragrance great for spring.

    FRESH & CLEAN - The smell of clean laundry fresh from the clothesline.

    FRESH AIR - Fresh green citrus fruits sway among the watery florals of jasmine, lily and violet while sultry sandalwood and soft amber linger in the background.

    FRESH EUCALYPTUS – Invigorating fresh eucalyptus with woody notes and white musk.

    FRESH VANILLA - Fresh vanilla bean mixed with warm notes of caramel and coconut milk topped with a touch of cocoa and enclosed soft musk, sandalwood and orchid.

    FUZZY NAVEL - The classic cocktail. A luscious blend of orange & peach.

    GENTLE SHOWERS - Soothing & clean fragrance, includes cedar wood, patchouli, coriander and the gentle aroma of an evening rain.

    GRANDMA’S KITCHEN - A marvelous combination of Cinnamon, Cloves, & Rosehips that brings back great memories of the wonderful scents of Grandma’s Kitchen. A classic favorite

    GRAPEFRUIT - Fresh, fruity-like sitting down to a fresh grapefruit half in the morning and not getting squirted

    GOLDEN AUTUMN - Velvety, woody and amber top notes boosted by soft floral and citrus middle notes with long lasting musk bottom notes.

    HEAVEN - Beautiful perfume type fragrance.

    HEAVENLY SPRUCE – Vigorous spruce with spicy and woody notes. Warm and inviting.

    HER MAJESTY - Beautiful florals, patchouli, vanilla & woods with musky tones.

    HOLIDAY BERRIES - Let the festivities begin! Sweet wild currants blend with dried dates, apricots and juicy apple warmed by a blanket of pine balsam and sweet vanilla.

    HONEYSUCKLE - A soothing fragrance. Smells just like the rich fragrant blossoms of the Honeysuckle bush are right outside your window!

    HONEYSUCKLE ROSE - Enchanting fragrance of an English garden.

    HONG KONG DELIGHT - Luscious Mulberry with touches of exotic jasmine and rosewood.

    HYDRANGEA - Light and fresh floral - Very strong seller!

    JASMINE - A heavy floral.

    JUNIPER BERRY - A mild woodsy juniper berry.

    LADY IN RED - A sweet red currant with notes of tart green apple, pear, rose and a touch of pine.

    LAS VEGAS NIGHTS - Feel the vibrant energy of the city in the desert. Blends rose, lavender, ylang, sage, and cactus with a hints of orange and spicy clove.

    LAVENDER AMBER - An appealing fragrance of soft lavender fused with rich jasmine and orange blossom petals then balanced with warm spice, sultry amber and sweet vanilla on a backdrop of exotic woods and musk.

    LAVENDER BLUEBERRY - Delightful blend of lavender and fresh ripe blueberries.

    LAVENDAR BREEZE - A delightful blend of lavender and ocean breezes.

    LAVENDER FIELDS - Endless fields of classic French lavender in bloom on a spring day.

    LAVENDAR ICE - A calming and seductive floral lavender perfect for quiet moments of reflection.

    LAVENDER LEAVES - Classic fresh and herbaceous lavender softened with clean musk and a touch of sweetness. Essential oil of Lavender.

    LAVENDER LEMON - Fields of classic French lavender with delicate lemon and lime.

    LAVENDER ORANGE - Classic French lavender with lovely orange blossoms scented with soft notes of jasmine and honey

    LAVENDER ORANGE LEMON - Classic French lavender with lovely orange blossoms and delicate lemon and lime.

    LAVENDER PEARLS - Soft lavender, jasmine, orange blossom, sultry amber, rich warm vanilla sugar and coconut notes over sandalwood and white musk.

    LAVENDER VANILLA - Classic French lavender with fresh vanilla bean mixed with warm notes of caramel and coconut milk

    LAVENDAR WOODS - Pine and lavender base sparkling with bergamot citrus, floral lilies and tea leaves.

    LEMON - The aroma of a fresh cut lemon.

    LEMON CHIFFON - The fragrance of baked lemon and meringue.

    LEMON FLOWER – Fresh and delicate lemon and lime with notes of orange blossom and vetiver.

    LEMONGRASS - Strong lemony scent with earthy undertones. It is light, refreshing, relaxing, and balancing.

    LEMONGRASS & EUCALYPTUS - Top notes of minty lemon with eucalyptus.

    LILAC GARDENS - Elegant bouquet of lilac, jasmine and dewy mimosa blend beautifully into the heart of iris muguet revealing a sensual backdrop of balsam, rich amber and musk.

    LILY OF THE VALLEY - Delightful light floral fragrance.

    LOVIN GRACE- This Heaven sent formula is full-bodied fruits, the aroma of sparkling tea, and patchouli.This fragrance is named in honor of our local charity LovinGrace. 10% every product sold in this fragrance will be donated back to this wonderful organization! We are so excited to have a heart for LovinGrace

    LOVE SPELL - A romantic blend of pomegranate, apple, peach and spices.

    LUCKILY - A Lucky Perfume Type fragrance.

    MAHARAJAH - An Indian delight, a base of lavender, combined with rosemary, cedar, sandalwood, cinnamon and clove.

    MAHOGANY TEAKWOOD - Delightful blend of mahogany, teakwood & oak with a touch of floral lavender.

    MANGOSTEEN - Fresh mango with fruity notes of peach and fig accented with sparkling citrus notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit then blended with sweet jasmine, lilac, honey rose and floral lavender on a green leafy, slightly woody and musk bottom notes. Naturals: Lemon, Lime, Lavender.

    MAPLE PECAN - Rich, sweet, buttery maple top notes followed by nutty notes of pecan boosted by spicy cinnamon middle notes with long lasting, creamy vanilla bottom notes.

    MEDITERRANEAN FIG - A ripened fig & citrus with a touch of peach, apricot, sweet florals and hints of coconut with green, fruity notes.

    MELON COOLER - Incredibly fresh medley of sweet fruity melons highlighted with ozonic floral notes and light musk.

    MIDNIGHT RAIN - Crisp, clean, and slightly green aroma of an evening rain will enchant and calm.

    MIDNIGHT ROSE - Imagine an enchanting rose garden on a still Summer's Eve.

    MIDSUMMER NIGHT YANKEE TYPE - An intriguing sweet flowery, spicy combination with notes of green clover, floral lavender, French lilac and rosy geranium on a sultry background of musky patchouli and warm woods. Naturals: Petit grain, Clove, Geranium, Patchouli.

    MULBERRY - Wonderfully rich, and sweet fruit fragrance with all the flavor of a basket of freshly picked wild Mulberries.

    MUSCHIO SPEZIE – (Moss and Spices) Poudre musk note made sparkling by dill and rosemary notes.

    MOONLIGHT REFLECTIONS - Enchanting & calming aroma combines crisp & clean fragrances with heavenly perfume notes.

    MULLED CIDER - rich apples blended with a dash of citrus, cinnamon & clove.

    MYSTIC PATCHOULI – Sensual & comforting mixture of patchouli notes with soft amber & vanilla notes.

    NAG CHAMPA - Sensual blend of exotic patchouli and sandalwood fused with delicious citrus and heady florals of jasmine and lavender come together as rich oriental musk completes the fragrance.

    NEW ORLEANS - Soothing & Spicy blend of Apples and Cinnamon. A delicious gourmand fragrance with fruity and sweet accents, enhanced by a hint of cinnamon.

    NEW YORK - The Big Apple! Delightful blend of luscious apple, rosewood and jasmine.

    NIRVANA - Orange and patchouli essential oil base with bergamot and orange top notes, rose, lavender and cinnamon middle notes, and bottom notes of sweet musk & vanilla.

    OCEAN BREEZES - Spanish eucalyptus essential oil base with sweet rose top notes, orange gardenia and French lavender middle notes, and bottom notes of vanilla, amber and sweet musk.

    OCTOBER RADIANCE - Sensual fragrance includes delightful spices, pine, lavender, bergamot citrus, floral lilies and the subtle fragrance of an autumn forest.

    OPIUM - Just like the famous perfume.

    ORANGE AMBER - Orange blossoms scented with soft notes of jasmine and honey and warm woody amber.

    ORANGE BLOSSOM – Lovely orange blossoms scented with soft notes of jasmine and honey.

    ORANGE CINNAMON - Wonderful combination of cinnamon & orange.

    ORCHID - A rich floral.

    ORCHID RAIN - Delightful aroma of orchids after a fresh rain.

    ORIGINALITY - Herbaceous top notes of fresh eucalyptus folding into a mellow rosy floral accord surrounded by a powerful warm spicy cinnamon leaf, woody pine, and patchouli. Compare to Clair Burke’s Original.

    OXYGEN- Oxygen has fresh notes of pine spines and lemon peels. - Duplicated from the Millefiori Milano best seller.

    PARIS - Luxurious fragrance with flowery notes, bergamot, jasmine and white musk.

    PATCHOULI - A pungent smell from the 60’s. This is not one that I would recommend if you are not familiar with the fragrance. It is truly something that you either love or hate.

    PATCHOULI FAROY TYPE - A rich woodsy scent highlighted by notes of sweet rose, floral lavender, clove and vanilla musk. Naturals: Patchouli, Cedar wood.

    PATCHOULI PURE - Floral and amber notes blended with rich patchouli and woody cedar with touches of clove, vanilla and lemon resting on a base of sweet musk.

    PEACH MELON - Ripe juicy peach emerges from the mélange of tropical fruits within the heart while an artful blend of vanilla musk laminates the background.

    PEACH ROSE - Juicy peach, orange & citrus with sweet rose, cassis, vanilla and woody notes.

    PEPPERCORN - A wonderful stimulating combination of Cinnamon, Cloves, & Rose hips.

    PERFECTLY POMEGRANATE - Perfect combination of tart and sweet! Succulent summer fruits including strawberry, peach, pineapple and melon combine with a splendid bouquet of florals warmed with rich vanilla musk.

    PEONY - Delightful spring floral.

    PINEAPPLE PARADISE - Wonderful smell of freshly cut pineapple.

    PINK SUGARED GRAPEFRUIT - Fresh fruity grapefruit with a touch of sweet sugar.

    PLEASURES - A modern floral created from exotic rose, lilac, patchouli, amber and woody cedar.

    PLUMERIA - A captivating and soothing island floral fragrance

    POMEGRANATE SPICE - Fresh pomegranates layered with exotic spices.

    PRIMA DONNA - Fruits & florals with amber & chocolate.

    RAIN - Smells just like a walk in the county night after a spring rain shower, a fresh clean powdery fragrance of light and heavy florals that hides other odors well.

    RED CURRANT - A sweet red currant with notes of tart green apple, pear & rose.

    RIO DE JANEIRO - Feel the beat of Rio during Mardi Gras. Combines rich Brazilian spices and Amazon fruits.

    ROSES - Imagine yourself in a lovely rose garden.

    ROYAL JASMINE ROSE - Silky soft floral fragrance. Combines Jasmine, Red Rose, and rich Sandalwood with touches of Cedar and Rosemary.

    SANTA ROSE CARMAN TYPE - A delightful blend of velvety rose and green rose with subtle notes of sweet acacia flowers blended with lush sandalwood, earthy patchouli and a hint of woody cedar. Naturals: Patchouli, Cedar wood.

    SANDALWOOD BERGAMOT - Woody sandalwood with bergamot, patchouli, jasmine, lavender & citrus.

    SANDALWOOD FALLS - Wonderful Sandalwood blend.

    SANDALWOOD FIG - Sandalwood with bergamot, patchouli, jasmine, lavender, ripened fig & citrus with a touch of peach, apricot, sweet florals

    SATIN RIBBONS & PEARLS - A tremendous combination of light and airy perfume fragrances.

    SEA BREEZE - Fresh fragrance of an ocean breeze.

    SECRET GARDEN - Fruity notes of pineapple, peach cherry, cassis and watermelon are combined with fresh floral marine and notes of orchids, violets, jasmine, gardenia, rose & magnolia, warmed with sweet creamy vanilla, caramel and clove.

    SEX ON THE BEACH - Another classic cocktail...combines pineapple, melon, raspberry & cranberry.

    SINGAPORE SLING - Based on the Original Recipe from the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Created by Mr. Ngiam Tong Boon in the 1890s.

    THE SMELL OF CHRISTMAS - combines the delightful aromas of citrus and spice with red berries, evergreen sprigs, nuts, pinecones and cinnamon sticks.

    SPA MASSAGE THAI - fresh notes of delicate flower petal with a soft spicy touch... Duplicate of the Millefiori Milano fragrance

    SPICED MULBERRY - Mixture of holiday Mulberries and seasonal spices.

    SPIRIT OF THE SEASON - Full-bodied fragrance reminiscent of a white cedar winter forest, features Balsam branches, Fir needles and Woody Pine notes.

    STARFIRE LILY - Green & herbal top notes folding into a sweet heady floral heart of lily and jasmine warmed with spices of cinnamon leaf, ginger & nutmeg.

    SUGARED PARADISE - Fresh orange and lemon with ripe raspberry & vanilla.

    SUNFLOWER -Sweet, sun-drenched florals intermingled with sparkling fresh air and hints of orchard fruits.

    TANGERINE - Luscious fragrance of fresh tangerines.

    TANGERINE/GRAPEFRUIT - Two delightful citrus fragrances.

    TASTE OF HAVANA - Sophisticated floral aroma of jasmine, lavender and bergamot combine with warm amber, rich woody patchouli and sweet musk.

    TOKYO CHERRY BLOSSOMS - Tokyo is famous the world over for cherry blossoms in the Spring. Combines fragrant cherry blossoms with hints of jasmine and orchid.

    TROPICAL ESCAPADE - Sweet melon, pineapple, orange and lemon with juicy peach & pear and bottom notes of vanilla and green floral.

    TULIP - The smell of Holland in the spring.

    UNSCENTED - WICK CLEANER - Pure Lampe Fuel with no fragrance. Use to clean your wick stone or just burn in your Lampe to purify the air.

    VANILLA BEAN - The soft aroma of Brazilian vanilla beans.

    VANILLA EMBERS - Soft aroma of Brazilian vanilla beans infused with notes of cinnamon and swirling wood smoke.

    VANILLA FLOWER - Sweet vanilla notes with a white flower bouquet.

    VANILLA POPPY - Rich floral notes of jasmine and lily are touched lightly with citrus as they flow into a creamy foundation of vanilla and luxurious amber.

    VANILLA WOOD - Sweet vanilla notes, strengthened by the presence of ebony woods and sandalwood.

    VICTORIA MEADOWN YANKEE TYPE - Fresh notes of lavender and eucalyptus blended with crisp lemon, lime and green melon in a meadow of jasmine, tender rose, and a touch of violet encircled by warm woody amber notes, rich sandalwood, sweet vanilla & soft musk. Naturals: Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender.

    WALK IN THE WOODS - Imagine all the scents of nature from a hike in the woods.

    WARM VANILLA SUGAR - Floral bouquets of heliotrope and sheer jasmine mingle in rich warm vanilla sugar and coconut notes nestle over a bed of sandalwood and white musk.

    WARM TOBACCO - Rich, tobacco and amber top notes enhanced by spicy cinnamon and warm clove middle notes with lingering sweet vanilla bottom notes.

    WASSAIL - A warm and inviting blend of oranges, lemons, apple cider, and cranberries. Wassail has evoked the festive spirit and good cheer of Christmas for centuries.

    WHITE CHRISTMAS - Festive black cherry highlighted with orange zest and anise sweetened with sugary vanilla.

    WHITE PLUM - BEDEL TYPE - Beautiful water aroma accentuated by sweet blooming jasmine and lilac entwined with exotic musk and precious woods giving body and depth.

    WINE & ROSES - A wonderfully luscious, luxurious and romantic fragrance.

    WINTER'S TWILIGHT - A warm cozy fragrance includes Earthy Patchouli, Ginger and Clove blended with natural Orange and a hint of Vanilla.

    WINTERWOODS - Sensual fragrance blending delightful spices with the subtle fragrance of a wintry forest
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