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What's the Best way to Fragrance My Room?

What is the best way to fragrance your home, office or dorm room? There are so many options available these days, how do you decide which one is best for you?

Should you choose a

    First, lets look at Fragrance Lamps, Effusion Lamps, Catalytic Lamps or Infusion Lamps (They are all different names for the same thing!). Fragrance Lamps were invented by Maurice Berger, who started the Lampe Berger Company in 1898. Early Fragrance Lamps were prized for their remarkable ability to destroy odors, disinfect and purify the airand were sold to hospitals.


    Fragrance Lamps work by burning an alcohol based fragrance oil in a Catalytic Wick Stone. You light the stone for a few minutes to get it up to operating temperature and then blow out the flame. The catalytic action in the wick stone  cleans the air and destroys odors  while powering fragrance into the room. You can burn you lamp for a few minutes or hours at a time depending on the level of fragrance you desire and the size of your room. Courtneys offers a wide array of fragrance lamps and over 800 scents of fragrance lamp oil.

    Reed Diffusers provide a low continuous level of fragrance. Reed Diffusers use a special grade of natural reeds to slowly, gently, and continuously diffuse a low level of fragrance into your room over a period of months. The fragrance solution is held in a container that may be a decorative vessel or a simple glass jar. The fragrance solution is pulled up the reeds by capillary action and slowly diffuses into your room. You can “flip” the reeds occasionally for a burst of fragrance.

    The smaller Reed Diffusers may last for a month or two while the larger Reed Diffusers may work for up to 9 months. Once your Reed Diffuser stops releasing fragrance, you may purchase a fragrance refill and a new set of reeds and put it back to work for you. As a general rule, the more expensive Reed Diffusers like the Agraria brand will throw off a higher level of fragrance for a longer period of time.

    Traditional Scented Jar Candles have been around for thousands of years. Scented Candles are still the most popular home fragrance solution. A Scented Candle works by creating a melted pool of scented wax at the top of the candle. The fragrance in the melted wax pool evaporates into the air in the room. The more fragrance the candlemaker puts into the wax, the stronger the fragrance. The larger the wax pool at the top of the candle, the more scent evaporates into the room. So the amount of fragrance you experience depends on the diameter of the candle and the fragrance content of the wax. Soy Wax holds only about half as much fragrance as traditional wax. Courtneys Candles, Kringle Candles and WoodWick candles do not use soy wax. Tyler candles use a 50/50 blend of traditional wax and soy wax.

    Soy wax candles are recent fad on the candle scene. Their makers tout the advantage of a lower tendency to produce soot. The problem is that soy wax will only hold about half the fragrance load of high quality traditional wax, so you don’t get all that much scenting power with a soy candle. Besides, as long as you keep your wicks trimmed short to about 1/8”, good quality traditional wax candles will not smoke anyway.

    Since fragrance costs twenty times more than wax, highly scented candles cost more than the cheap ones you can buy at the discount store. Very highly scented candles like Courtney’s Candles actually have little liquid pockets of scent oil that you can see thru the glass container. In addition to our Courtney’s Candles, we also sell other premium scented jar candles including Kringle Candles by the founder of Yankee Candles Tyler Candles and WoodWick Candles. WoodWick candles feature a real wooden wick that crackles when it burns.

    Electric Jar Candle Warmers by Candle Warmers have become a very popular way to enjoy Scented Jar Candles without a flame. Our Candle Warmer Lamps use a special heating bulb to melt one layer of the candle at a time, slowly releasing the fragrance into your room. The Crock type candle warmers (which we do not sell) melt the entire candle at once so you get a rush of fragrance to start with and then nothing at the end… Candle Warmers are a great choice when you do not want to worry about trimming wicks or remembering to blow out the flame. All the Courtneys Candles work great in a Candle Warmer. Candle Warmers come in many styles and colors to match any décor. We also offer Candle Warmer Gift Sets that include a Candle Warmer Lamp and a Courtneys Jar Candle at a discounted price.

    Scented Wax Illumination & Plug-In Warmers come in a variety of shapes and colors. They melt scented wax cubes or mixermelts to fragrance your room without a flame. We have several hundred fragrances of Wax Melts by Courtneys, Tyler, Kringle & WoodWick.

    Ceramic or Porcelain Diffusers by Zodax, Millefiori Milano, Courtneys or Scentier are cousins of the reed diffusers. They use a ceramic or porcelain flower or other shaped figure to slowly and continuously evaporate the fragrance into your room. They come in many styles and colors and work best in smaller rooms or on a desk.

    The newest flameless room fragrancers are AromaLume Fragrance Generator.

    So how do you decide if a Premium Scented Candle or a Fragrance Lamps or a Reed Diffusers is right for you? Here are a few pluses and minuses for each:

    • AIR PURIFICATIONFragrance Lamps really do clean the air in the room. They will eat up pet odors or smoking odors, not just cover them up with fragrance. Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers can only try to cover up odors with nice scent.
    • COST - Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers do cost less to operate than Fragrance Lamps. Dollar for dollar, you’ll get about twice as much scent out of a Premium Scented Candle as you will from a Fragrance Lampe.
    • SAFETY – Reed Diffusers, Ceramic Diffusers, Wax Melters and Candle Warmer Lamps are the SAFEST choice as they NEVER use a FLAME. Scented Candles require a constant flame to operate (unless you use a Candle Warmer). You need to keep an eye on them and trim the wick to 1/8 inch as necessary. You need to remember to blow out the flame if you leave the area or go to sleep. You have to blow out your candle before it burns to the very bottom of the jar. Fragrance Lamps only require a flame for a few minutes to get started. Your Fragrance Lamp will go out by itself once the fuel is consumed.
    • QUICK FRAGRANCING – A Fragrance Lamp fills your room with scent much faster than a Scented Candle. The Catalytic Wick Stone pulls in air from the room and sends it back out full of fragrance. Scented Candle fans are surprised at how quickly a Effusion Lamp will scent a room. The Scented Candle requires some time to create the melted wax pool at the top of the candle before it can start scenting the room. Reed Diffusers release their fragrance very slowly over a long period of time.
    • SOOTINGScented Candles do have a tendency to give off soot… that black smoke that can darken walls and ceilings over time. Keeping your wicks trimmed to 1/8” prevents soot and gives you a longer candle burn time. Candle Warmers eliminate sooting by using a heat source to melt the wax and release the scent into your room. Fragrance Lamps do not soot and actually clean the air in the room.
    • BEAUTYFragrance Lamps come in a myriad of shapes, colors and sizes. Courtney’s Candles & Creations offers hundreds of Fragrance or Effusion Lamps from a few brands including: La Tee Da! Effusion Lamps, Alexandria Fragrance Lamps, and our own Courtney’s Fragrance Lamps. There is a Fragrance Lamp for every décor. Reed Diffusers also come in a wide variety of glass and ceramic vessels.