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Aurora Black Candle Warmer Gift Set - Warmer + Candle

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Product Description

The Aurora Black Candle Warmer Gift Set includes:
  • Black Aurora Lamp Style Candle Warmer
  • Courtneys 26oz Large Scented Jar Candle of your choice

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AFTER MIDNIGHT - A relaxing fragrance that reminds you of a musky man’s cologne. - A smoky shade of blue color.

AFTERNOON LEISURE - Soothing & spicy fragrance includes woodsy & fruity notes, nutmeg, cedar wood, apples & Cinnamon. If you like Charleston or New Orleans, you'll love Afternoon Leisure.

AMARETTO - A rich fragrance of almonds with a delightful hint of cherry. - White in color.

AMAZON - A fruity smell similar to the Aromatique fragrance of the same name. The smell of the the Amazon, a big favorite with anyone that tries it. - Dark pink color.

AMBER - Warm woody amber floral tones.

BABY POWDER - A favorite for a fresh clean aroma.

BEAUTIFUL TYPE - A great perfume-like scent. One of Wilma’s favorites. - Dark pink color.

BEECH PLUM - A wonderfully sweet delicious and fruity plum fragrance. - Burgundy color.

BLACK CURRANT VANILLA - Floral notes of fresh linen, green clover, rose, tuberose, narcissus, ylang, gardenia, jasmine and palm arose combined with warm woods of cedar. - Burgundy color.

CHARDONNAY - A lovely light fragrance reminiscent of a fine bottle of wine. – White color.

CHARLESTON - Soothing fragrance, a woodsy and spicy mix, including nutmeg, coriander, patchouli and cedar wood plus notes of honey and vetiver.

CINN-A-BUN - A delicious scent of fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Yummm! - Light tan coloring.

CINNAMON - You’ll love this energizing fragrance of warm, spicy and strong cinnamon. A classic favorite.- Burgundy/Red in color.

CINNAMON APPLE - An uplifting fragrance of cinnamon with a strong hint of McIntosh Apple. - Bright red color.

CINNAMON ORANGE SPICE - Wonderful combination of cinnamon, orange, spices and a touch of vanilla.

CINNAMON VANILLA - An invigorating fragrance that makes a great change of pace for cinnamon and vanilla lovers. The vanilla really sweetens up the cinnamon. - Bright red color.

CITRUS & CEDAR - Sweet juicy orange with vanilla, cedar & patchouli.

CLEAN COTTON - The fresh clean scent. – Light blue color.

COURTNEYS BOUQUET - Soothing fragrance of a wonderful floral blend. Love is in the air with this bold floral fragrance. It’s Courtney’s personal favorite. - Dark mauve in color.

CRANBERRY WINE - A refreshing fruity mix of cranberry & apple - one of the really nice heavy fragrances. One of our top ten sellers. - Rich dark burgundy color.

CREME BRULEE - Delicious dessert with strong vanilla fragrance.

CUCUMBER PATCH - A renewing light down-to-earth fragrance, cool and fresh. Another best seller! - Light green color.

DAFFODIL - Lovely spring fragrance of blooming yellow flowers – Pale yellow.

DREAM ANGELS - A warm angelic scent. Everyone will love this one! Similar to Victoria’s Secret Heavenly. - White color.

DREAMCICLE - A creamy citrus fragrance of fresh orange with vanilla. Great summer scent. – Orange color.

EUCALYPTUS - A revitalizing and calming fragrance, a floral eucalyptus (does not smell like menthol eucalyptus). - Medium green color. .

EUCALYPTUS LAVENDER - An aromatic, herbal blend of cooling eucalyptus and camphorous lavender. – Medium green color.

FRENCH VANILLA - A really strong wonderful vanilla, sweet, strong & buttery, reminiscent of the baker’s shop. A top ten seller. - Off white in color.

FRESH & CLEAN - The smell of clean laundry fresh from the clothesline.

FROSTED PLUM - A refreshingly wonderful combination of beech plum and vanilla. The vanilla really sharpens up the fruity fresh plum. Very popular. - Rich dark burgundy color.

GARDENIA - A lovely floral fragrance that reminds you of the gardenia corsage you wore to your high school prom. We’ve had a lot of ladies tell us that they have fallen in love with our Gardenia. - A light pink color.

GRANDMA’S KITCHEN - A marvelous combination of Cinnamon, Cloves, & Rosehips that brings back great memories of the wonderful scents of Grandma’s Kitchen. A classic favorite. - Dark burgundy color.

HARVEST - Combines rich cinnamon fragrance with several fruit notes. - Burgandy Brown color.

HONEYDEW MELON - Delicious, ripe and juicy this one smells just like a Honeydew Melon. One of our personal favorites. - Light green color.

HONEYSUCKLE - A soothing fragrance. Smells just like the rich fragrant blossoms of the Honeysuckle bush are right outside your window! - Barely yellow in color.

HYDRANGEA - Light and fresh floral - Very strong seller! - Light purple color.

ICING ON THE CAKE - Wonderful buttercream scent. You can almost taste it! - White in color.

LAVENDER - A soothing scent of delicate lavender in full bloom. - Light purple color.

LAVENDER ICE - A calming and seductive floral lavender perfect for quiet moments of reflection. - Light purple color.

LAVENDER AMBER - An appealing fragrance of soft lavender fused with rich jasmine and orange blossom petals then balanced with warm spice, sultry amber and sweet vanilla on a backdrop of exotic woods and musk. - Light purple color.

LAVENDER PEARLS - Soft lavender, jasmine, orange blossom, sultry amber, rich warm vanilla sugar and coconut notes over sandalwood and white musk.

LEMONGRASS & EUCALYPTUS - Top notes of minty lemon with eucalyptus.

LILAC - Soothing fragrance smells like a bouquet of freshly cut Lilacs, close your eyes and you’ll think you are in the middle of a wonderful spring garden - no matter what season it really is outside. A top 10 seller. - A lovely shade of purple.

LILAC GARDENS - Elegant bouquet of lilac, jasmine and dewy mimosa blend beautifully into the heart of iris muguet revealing a sensual backdrop of balsam, rich amber and musk. - A lovely shade of purple.

LUCKILY - A Lucky Perfume Type fragrance. - Pink color.

MAGNOLIA - A restoring fresh floral fragrance reminiscent of southern magnolias with light citrus top note. It really smells just like the bloom, very nice. - White color.

MIDNIGHT RAIN - Crisp, clean, and slightly green aroma of an evening rain will enchant and calm.

MULBERRY - Wonderfully rich, and sweet fruit fragrance with all the flavor of a basket of freshly picked wild Mulberries. - Dark burgundy in color.

MUSCADINE - An invigorating fragrance of fresh and fruity wild grapes, similar to Mulberry but tarter. - Dark burgundy in color.

OCEAN BREEZES - Spanish eucalyptus essential oil base with sweet rose top notes, orange gardenia and French lavender middle notes, and bottom notes of vanilla, amber and sweet musk.

O’CHRISTMAS TREE - A comforting pine fragrance that brings back memories of past Christmas’. A must for the Holiday season, especially for those with artificial trees! - Dark Christmas green color.

OPIUM - Just like the famous perfume. An exciting, rich, and spicy perfume fragrance. Another one of Wilma’s personal favorites. - Dark burgundy color.

ORIGINALITY - Herbaceous top notes of fresh eucalyptus folding into a mellow rosy floral accord surrounded by a powerful warm spicy cinnamon leaf, woody pine, and patchouli. Compare to Clair Burke’s Original.

OUR HOUSE - An energizing combination of Cinnamon, Cranberry, and with a hint of Vanilla. Another top 10 seller. - Red in color.

PATCHOULI PURE - Floral and amber notes blended with rich patchouli and woody cedar with touches of clove, vanilla and lemon resting on a base of sweet musk. PEONY - Delightful spring floral. - Pink color.

PEPPERCORN - A wonderful stimulating combination of Cinnamon, Cloves, & Rose hips. - Off white color.

PERFECTLY POMEGRANATE - Perfect combination of tart and sweet! Succulent summer fruits including strawberry, peach, pineapple and melon combine with a splendid bouquet of florals warmed with rich vanilla musk. - Red in color.

POMEGRANATE - very strong exotic fruity fragrance, reminds me of peach, strawberry and watermelon all rolled up into one. - Bright red color.

PINEAPPLE PARADISE - Wonderful smell of freshly cut pineapple. - Light yellow color.

RAIN - Smells just like a walk in the county night after a spring rain shower, a fresh clean powdery fragrance of light and heavy florals that hides other odors well. - Light blue color

RASPBERRY COCO - Great Hot Coco scent with a strong overtone of Raspberry. - Chocolate color.

RAZZ-MA-TAZZ RASPBERRY - Raspberries are Wilma’s favorite thing in the whole world. She searched for seven years and has finally found a ripe raspberry fragrance good enough to put into one of her candles. Needless to say this one is Wilma’s favorite. Enjoy! - Mauve and Red color.

SECRET GARDEN - Fruity notes of pineapple, peach cherry, cassis and watermelon are combined with fresh floral marine and notes of orchids, violets, jasmine, gardenia, rose & magnolia, warmed with sweet creamy vanilla, caramel and clove. - Burgundy in color.

THE SMELL OF CHRISTMAS - combines the delightful aromas of citrus and spice with red berries, evergreen sprigs, nuts, pinecones and cinnamon sticks. Compare to the Aromatique scent.

SNOWFALL - The fragrance reminds you of fresh clean snow - Light blue color.

SPICED PUMPKIN - by Courtneys Candles. A delightful blend of creamy pumpkin swirled with spicy cinnamon, golden nutmeg, and warm vanilla. - Dark Orange color.

STRAWBERRY VANILLA - A wonderfully stimulating sweet fruit fragrance with just a hint of vanilla. Very popular. - Bright red in color.

SUNFLOWER - An excellent floral scent that is a dry, clean, fashion fragrance similar to sunflower perfume - Light yellow color.

TULIP - The smell of Holland in the spring - Red color.

VINES AND VIOLETS - A delightful combination of raspberry and violets. - Light violet color, of course.

WALK IN THE WOODS - Imagine all the scents of nature from a hike in the woods - Forest Green color.

WHISPERING SEAS - A gentle and relaxing fragrance reminiscent of a calm morning on the water - Sea Foam Green color.

WARM VANILLA SUGAR - Floral bouquets of heliotrope and sheer jasmine mingle in rich warm vanilla sugar and coconut notes nestle over a bed of sandalwood and white musk.

WINE AND ROSES - A wonderfully luscious, luxurious and romantic fragrance - Dark burgundy color.

WINTERWOODS - Sensual fragrance blending delightful spices with the subtle fragrance of a wintry forest.


Just wanted to let you know that my clock arrived yesterday here in Australia and I have been extremely satisfied with your service and the product, which now ... read more

Heather J.

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